Dear Yuletide Author:

This is my first Yuletide. Last year I found a letter and wrote a quick treat, but that led to reading other things, which led to having ideas for even more things, which led to… me actually signing up this year. I guess I’m done just lurking on fandom. So. Hi! Let’s you and I go on this voyage of discovery together! My AO3 username is blahblahwhy.

  • Sexual situations involving human bodily fluids other than cum and saliva (e.g. no scat, bloodplay, or watersports)
  • human/human mpreg (alien/alien or human/alien is a-ok)
  • bestiality
  • racism
Likes (and would be overjoyed to receive):
  • world building
  • gen
  • shipfic
  • pwp
  • fluff
  • xeno (w/ sentient beings, see above for bestiality DNW; all tentacle monsters are to be considered sentient)
Let's get started!

: In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President, Who Would Win and Why? (blog post)
Characters: Any

Boy, this election season sure has been a doozy. I invite you to get out all your stress by writing one massive knife fight. In the blog post, ( the author has set up a few rules: they’re in a space based on the Roman Colosseum, FDR has a badass motor wheelchair, etc. The author also details how they believe it went down. I consider these to be suggestions or assumptions, or prompts in their own right. If you want to bring other assumptions to bear, that’s cool.

You can take those rules and write any part of this scenario: the initial scene with a bunch of people, or the final standoff when only a few Presidents are left. You can write up an alliance scene mid-battle, or you can write up a single death. Five things fic is fine.

There are four characters nominated for this fandom, and feel free to write any/all/none of them. You won't ruin Yuletide if you leave someone out, and you certainly won't ruin Yuletide if you put other characters (presidents or otherwise) in. For how to ruin Yuletide, please see the first bullet below.

A few notes:
  • In re: living presidents or any current presidential candidates/presidents-elect: DO. NOT. WRITE. SOMETHING. THAT. WILL. CONCERN. THE SECRET SERVICE! If you get arrested because you wrote an overly specific death of a sitting U.S. president, that would be realllllll unfortunate, and probably ruin Yuletide. So. Maybe Obama lives, maybe he dies offscreen, but consider it an official DNW to lovingly describe an Obama death. Same with both Clintons, both Bushes, and, as much as this pains me to say it, Trump. Reagan? He’s already dead IRL and unlikely to attract Secret Service or FBI ire. Go nuts.
  • The author of the post believes Andrew Jackson makes it to the end. I say: Feel free to kill Andrew Jackson with extreme prejudice. (Hey, do some period-appropriate Indian Chiefs find themselves in the arena? Do they super kill Andrew Jackson? Does Harriet Tubman do it herself?)
  • As you might assume from the point above, poetic justice is a plus.
  • First Ladies? Go for it.
  • Does this get weirdly psychosexual? Okay, sure. 
  • Do you want to build the world around why this would be happening? Are there spectators? Is it a Hunger Games-esque situation with commentators? A Saw situation? 
  • Do you want to just write the formation of an alliance with absolutely no onscreen death? That's okay too!

Fandom: Early Environmentalist RPF
Characters: Theodore Roosevelt/John Muir

Enough fighting. Can’t we all just get along? Like, really get along? In the California woods, while camping? Plus, it’s the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks; it’s downright patriotic to write some historical slash about their inception.

Basically, during a camping trip in 1903, Roosevelt ditched his entourage in favor of a three-day camping trip with Muir in the woods, and Muir talked about how great nature is and the need to preserve it, which led directly to the foundation of the National Park Service. It’s your typical boy meets boy story, boys go camping, boy teases boy about relative lack of knowledge of birds, there’s a snowstorm, etc, resulting in a century of federally protected land.

Even though this is historical RPF, trust me when I say that all the research you need to write something I will be extremely happy with is in this 11 minute documentary clip: (Even the historians ship it!) If you want to do more, knock yourself out for sure! They’re super interesting dudes! But the basics are all there.

Basically, I’d love for you to write me the story of that camping trip. Some gentle ribbing and waxing poetical about the beauty of nature turning into the beauty of the firelight flickering in each other’s eyes, cuddling for warmth, etc. Fluff is A-OK!

Fandom: Men In Black
Characters: Any

Do you know what I want for Yuletide? Some Men In Black casefic. What’s the job like when the world/universe isn’t on the line? How do they keep the world safe and secure and ignorant about the presence of aliens? Does the Ancient Aliens guy know too much? Is he an alien himself? What about that teacher Agent Jay had in elementary school? Was there a show and tell deleted from his memory involving Young Agent Kay?

But also? If you signed up for this fandom because you want to write alien tentacle porn, do it. I will be reading and doing fist pumps the whole way.

I'm also most familiar with the movies and haven't delved into the cartoon much at all, but if that's where your expertise lies, please knock yourself out!

That's it from me. Thanks again, and I hope you have fun.



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